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How to Contact us:::::

If your company is a client, they have provided you with contact information that includes a toll free number that is available 24/7/365, and possibly  a URL to a reporting Web site.

You may have received wallet cards, an email, a letter from the President, or seen posters at work.  If you are unsure of how you may contact Safe2Say, look for posters or ask your Human Resources Department if your company is a Wackenhut Safe2Say client, or if they have established a relationship with a secure, third party compliance hotline provider.

If your company is not a Safe2Say client and you think they should be, have a company representative contact our sales office at 800.275.8310.

Safe2Say Compliance Services




Wackenhut’s Safe2Say Hotline service is designed to empower you, the employee, to make your company a better company.  Depending on the focus of your company's hotline service, you may report suspected incidents of wrongdoing in the workplace to highly trained, multi-lingual communications specialists either using the toll free number supplied by your employer, or via the Web. 

Safe2Say operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and gives you a confidential, anonymous outlet to report concerns of fraud, theft, violence and other workplace issues. 

There is never any tracking or covert attempt attempt to discover your identity.  If you choose to remain anonymous, you may rest assured that you may do so.

Use Safe2Say's  effective customized systems to not only meet Sarbanes-Oxley reporting needs, but also to improve morale, enhance your company's reputation and increase shareholder and customer confidence. 

We encourage you to use your company's open door policy to report your concerns, but when that is not an option, call or contact us here first to give people who care in your company the chance to fix what may be broken or to right wrongs that may have occurred. 

There are people who do care at your company and we can put your concerns directly before them.  That is why they are a Safe2Say client.